Treasure Island Events

NCJLACongratulations to our Boy’s Junior Varsity team as they head off to the championships this weekend and to our U-15 team that will be defending their undefeated status this weekend. Best of luck to all of our teams!

The following teams will be playing this weekend, May 17 & 18 on Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay:

U-11, U-13, U-15, Boy’s Junior Varsity, and the All Star Boy’s Varsity selected players.

In this issue:

Our U-15 team, coached by John Whitmore, with assistant coaches (from the Boy’s Varsity team), Benji and Ben, will begin the weekend starting at 9 a.m. They will be playing on field A3 (see information below) against Davis Knights. The winner of that game will be playing right after at 10 a.m. on field A1 against the winner of the Granite Bay vs. Napa Force game. See below for the bracket:


The Boy’s Junior Varsity team will be wishing the U-15 team good luck at the U-15 winner circle game (yes, we’re sending them good vibes and know that’s where the U-15 team is headed) as they take on Folsom United on Field D at high noon on Saturday. We do not recommend walking from the A/B fields as it is a fairly long walk and Treasure Island has a number of problematic areas in that particular part (do not bring valuables and leave them in your vehicle and be sure to lock your vehicle). [Return to Top]

After the tournaments and championship games, the Boy’s Varsity All Star game will be played starting at 2:00 p.m. on Field D (Corner of California and Avenue H). Representing Chico and the north, we are sending:

  • Attack: Fletcher Petersen, Senior
  • Attack: Matt Souza, Sophomore
  • Mid-field: Benji Whitmore, Junior
  • Mid-field: Ben Nokleby, Senior
  • Defense: Ryan Leung, Junior


Some information about the venue for our first time attendees and our returning attendees:

First, in the past the league has not enforced the island’s no dog rule. This is no longer the case. Dogs are not permitted in the fenced in areas of the playing fields. Also, California has passed a law that prohibits animals from being left unattended in a vehicle. With this in mind, we urge our Rebels families to leave the family pet at home. [Return to Top]

There will be vendors on Avenue H, between the A and B fields, which will be cordoned off for this event. The vendors, as identified by the NCJLA website, will include:


Treasure Island is between Oakland and San Francisco in the San Francisco Bay. Typically it is very windy on the island, but not necessarily cold. Wind burns have been known to happen as well as sunburns. Plenty of water and sunscreen will help, also a layered wardrobe. The D fields have stands, the A and B fields do not, so a lawn chair or blanket may come in handy. [Return to Top]

From Chico, take I-5 to 505 onto I-80 west. Cross the Carquinez bridge (Vallejo to Crockett) (this is a toll bridge with a $5 toll collected on the return) and continue on towards the Bay Bridge. Once passing through the toll plaza ($5 on weekends) at the Bay Bridge, stay to the LEFT.  Exit onto Treasure Island/Yerba Buena and follow the off-ramp to Treasure Island which, for your weekend fun fact, is a man-made island created specifically to serve as a military base before it was decommissioned a few years ago.

Stay to the right of the entrance onto the island, passing by the former guard shack. At the traffic circle, turn right onto California and follow down to Avenue H. See field diagrams below. [Return to Top]

For the vendors, premiere parking ($10) and fields A & B, turn left onto Avenue H and follow to 11th street. We find there’s ample parking around Avenue I and 11th street, but arrive early enough and be sure to lock up! [Return to Top]

Sunday Games

The U13 team will be starting out the day at 9 a.m. on B2, playing against the Skyline Dragons. The winner of that game will go on to play against the winner of the B1 game, also at 9, which will be either the Ross Valley Grizzlies or the Diablo Scorpion Pincers at noon on field A1. For the bracket, please see below:


The U-11 team still has yet to be confirmed with the specific information. We’ll post further updates to our main Facebook page ( as soon as that information becomes available.


We will be more than happy to tweet game information this weekend, but have no plans to live tweet any of the games. You can text your information to 5305214264. Be sure to identify what team you are reporting information for when you send your text message. Also, feel free to send phone-photos to that same number and we’ll tweet those, too!


We know there are a lot of enthusiastic shutterbugs out there taking pictures of the games. We encourage you to share them with the team and the club at whole. For more information on how to get those photos shared, please contact our social media person, Kat Leung by emailing and she’ll be happy to help! [Return to Top]