Ramping Up for the 2013 Season

The 2013 season is just around the corner.  The season opens February 21, 2013 and while games are not expected to be scheduled until shortly before opening day, that doesn’t mean you can’t be getting yourself prepared.

For new players, becoming familiar with your stick is important. You are going to want to be able to play with your right and left hand equally. If you are right-handed, you should spend more time working with your less dominant hand, therefore your left hand. Wear your gloves when you’re working your stick. A bare-handed cradle is going to feel a lot different than when you’re wearing your gloves. Besides, you cannot play without your gloves, right?

Learn how to cradle effectively. Around the house with breakables at risk, practice keeping a wad of notepaper in the pocket. A tennis ball works well, too, but check with your parents first. Don’t know what cradling is? Check out this video. You’ll find a number of other beginning lacrosse videos there as well that will help you prepare for the game.

For returning players, working on ground balls, shooting, and of course, stick skills are all important and vital to your game. If you’re presently playing sports, make sure you’re cross-training so that as the spring lacrosse season comes, you’re prepared. If you are not playing fall or winter sports, keeping in condition is important. Join a gym, talk to your school coach, get together with your teammates and run drills. A word of caution: Be sure anytime you are participating in exercise drills you have a responsible adult on-site supervising and someone with skills and knowledge providing instruction. Injuries can and will happen, especially when proper guidance and supervision isn’t being provided. Exercise caution because you don’t want to wind up with an injury that keeps you from playing once the season begins.

Need some idea of how to condition for the spring season? Check out the videos here featuring Maryland, Johns Hopkins, Syracuse, and other great college lacrosse teams: http://www.stack.com/video/44632996001/OffSeason-Lacrosse-Workout-With-Maryland-Lacrosse/ .

Injured in the past or recovering from an injury? Take a look at this informational article, also at stack.com: http://www.stack.com/2012/10/18/coming-back-better-from-an-injury/

Above all, keep practicing, keep yourself healthy and injury free, and have a great time throughout it. Here’s to the 2013 season. Are you ready? Let’s hear that Rebel Yell!



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